"Hey mom......hey.....hey dad!" I glanced around the dinner table, hoping someone - anyone - was listening. To my dismay, no one was. So I shouted at the top of my 4 year old lungs, "HEY. EVERYONE. WAIT. I've got somethin' to say..."

And that's why I'm here. Writing a blog that, let's face it, no one but my mom will read. (Shout out to Mrs. Kapke, who, after years of trial and error, eventually became my #1 listener!) But I'm used to being ignored, so it's really no big deal. Oh, the ramblings of a youngest...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bella & William Wilberforce

Earlier this evening I decided to watch Amazing Grace. I'd never seen the movie, even though I'm pretty sure everyone and his brother told me watch it. Not only have I heard good things about it, however, but I left all of my movies at school. So it was between Amazing Grace and Marmaduke.

(If you haven't seen Marmaduke, don't. It is, bar none, the worst movie I have ever seen. And I actually LIKE Twilight. So you know it must be bad.)

Early on in the movie, Bella came and joined me. I didn't really think about the fact that maybe, just maaaaaybe, I shouldn't let my 7 year old niece watch a fairly graphic movie about slavery. But, you know, I'm the cool, hip, fun aunt....so I don't tell her no!

By the end of the movie, I'd pretty much fallen asleep (nothing against the movie...I just sleep a lot) and Bella was humming her own rendition of the song Amazing Grace. We were both content.

But then, as the credits began to roll, I glanced at Bella and saw a dangerously dubious look on her face. I crossed my fingers that she would NOT have any questions. I mean, she totally understood the slave trade and equality of men, right?

Have I ever told you how unlucky I am? I'm unlucky.

"Dani...?" She murmured.

"Um.....yes?" I muttered back, without even looking at her.

"I don't....I don't really understand...." She stammered.


"Well," she began again, "I just don't really understand something."

She took a deep breath as I realized I'd been holding my own.

I promised her I'd do my best to answer her question. As relief washed over her face, she looked me in the eye and asked:

"Why do the men wear nightgowns?"


  1. Hahaha. That's great.

  2. Can you hear me laughing?!! HOLLA!, Baby Girl ;)

  3. YES. Victory. I approve.