"Hey mom......hey.....hey dad!" I glanced around the dinner table, hoping someone - anyone - was listening. To my dismay, no one was. So I shouted at the top of my 4 year old lungs, "HEY. EVERYONE. WAIT. I've got somethin' to say..."

And that's why I'm here. Writing a blog that, let's face it, no one but my mom will read. (Shout out to Mrs. Kapke, who, after years of trial and error, eventually became my #1 listener!) But I'm used to being ignored, so it's really no big deal. Oh, the ramblings of a youngest...

Friday, January 6, 2012

And then Henry Roth came along....

I never believed this moment would come. But it has. And I can say, without a doubt, that something within me has changed; I will never be the same. (Alright, fine, maybe that is slightly dramatized.)


Pnina Tornai is no longer my favorite wedding gown designer.

"WHAT?" you say, with a scoff and a sneer. "She practically raised you. Pnina made you the wedding dress fanatic that you are. Where would you be without her?"

My response: I know. I know. I know. Nowhere.

But hear me out, please!

Pnina is a brilliant designer. She is always coming up with new and brilliant, although sometimes straight up weird, designs. One of my all times favorites of hers is this:

See what I mean? She rocks. But you already knew that....

So, who is this Henry Roth who mysteriously swept in and stole Pnina's crown? Huh, only the greatest guy around. (Ignore that his name sounds like the name of the man who should've designed Laura Ingalls Wilder's wedding gown.)

I'd be wasting my time if I were to talk about Henry Roth. Afterall, the proof is in the pudding, no? So here it is. ENJOY.

And another...

Now that you, too, are madly in love with Henry Roth and his designs, let's have a toast to happiness.

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